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Dick Dixon.
The guy who wrote the Dixonary

Iíve been working in the advertising and marketing communications business since 1970. Iíve been a creative director, copywriter, producer Ö and Iíve been an advertising manager and account executive. Iíve done award-winning work for large, international clients as well as customer-winning work for national, regional and local accounts.

"An Idea Whose Time Has Come"
(This phrase borrowed from Victor Hugo)

I started the Dixonary in 1994 when I took a risky step and left my job as creative director at a Pittsburgh ad agency that served national accounts. I wanted to pursue my own idea: providing businesses and other organizations with an alternative to slow-moving, impractical, big-egoed, big-spending advertising agencies.

Itís working.

Clients like the easy way the Dixonary works for them. They like the personal commitment I make to meet their needs in the most creative, practical and affordable way possible. They like the fact that I meet deadlines Ö all of them. I believe in hard work. I believe in big ideas. I believe in cutting through the crap.

The Dixonary and every professional that I bring in to service an account has an attitude of caring competence and the ability to get things done and done right. I strive every day to make the Dixonary as easy to use and basically helpful as the dictionary on your shelf.


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