Translations for the Real World

It’s true.

It’s true. The world really is shrinking. I now deal with clients in Europe and elsewhere in the world with a mouse click. And more and more companies are doing business outside their own country’s boundaries.

That is why effective, real world translations are so very important. You’ve probably seen ads, printed materials or even television commercials that just seem a little “off.” Stilted language. Innappropriate expressions. At best, they may seem funny. At worst they don’t communicate well and make the advertiser look foolish. There are legendary horror stories of translated material that doesn’t quite work as expected in the native culture where it appears.

Think Global. Speak Local.

The Dixonary is linked to a network of professional translators, centered around my friend and collaborator, Marion Schimmelpfennig of Bonn, Germany. They speak the language of the country where you want to sell your products or make your message known ... the real language as it is spoken and written there. But more importantly, they are professional advertising copy writers. They know how to write selling copy, considering all the nuances, idioms and preferences in the local language and culture. They can, with Dixonary help, take American English and make it into sales potent copy in German, French, Italian, Spanish ... just about any language except Esperanto.

So, if you want translations that work in the real world, contact the Dixonary and we’ll make it happen effectively and professionally.


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